Getting a loved one to or from treatment safely can be overwhelming. Having a professional outside the family system on hand to provide comfort and coaching, keep travel plans on track, and provide peace of mind insures a smoother transition for both the family and the individual receiving care. Recovery Allies's team of professionals are trained to recognize withdrawal symptoms and provide first aid, if necessary. Our supervision team is available at all times to provide any additional help, should the need arise.

Who Should Use This Service?

Though transports are most commonly associated with travel to or from treatment, there are many occasions when professional assistance may be appropriate.

  • Family visits
  • Moving between treatment facilities

How Does it Work?

  • Transporter attends intervention (if going to treatment).
  • Transporter provides any help required before departure (packing, pick-up, etc.)
  • Transporter holds all medications to minimize risk.
  • Recovery Allies arranges travel and coordinates with family and treatment facility.
  • Once arrived at destination city, transporter arrangers pick-up of essential supplies.
  • Transporter stays with client until they are safely in the care of a treatment facility representative.

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