Rachel was a Godsend. When we had no where else to turn she worked miracles with our daughter. She has been with us through all the challenges addiction presents and is always willing to share insights and resources for the benefit of the whole family.

The Recovery Allies sober mentoring team provides our child the coaching and support she needs to stay sober.
— John M.

My experience with Recovery Allies has been remarkable. Rachel approaches her work with extraordinary compassion, knowledge, and intuition. The pain and difficulty of dealing with a loved one with a serious addiction was made manageable with Rachel’s expertise and dedication. It’s incredibly hard work and we marveled at Rachel’s ability to turn a seemingly impossible situation into a hopeful one
— Joan C.

It took very little time before we, as a family, had complete trust in Rachel and her abilities to assist our son in making the decisions necessary to support his emotional and physical well-being. Rachel is the right combination of compassion, caring and street smarts. We believe her positive, even-keeled and often creative approach led to our son’s successful entry into a treatment program. Rachel will forever hold a special place in our hearts.
— Kim C.

Rachel helped save our 18-year-old son’s life. She was able to reach him when no one else could. With empathy, compassion, and straight talk, she built a bridge back to our family that had been all but destroyed by addiction. Rachel and her team went many “extra miles” for us, making themselves available at all hours and being there with aid and resources when they were needed most. A bright light of hope in a very dark time, Rachel has been indispensable in helping us all to recovery.
— Mario and Eve J.