ARISE® gets over 83% of addicted individuals into treatment in three weeks. 96% enter treatment in six months. 61% sober by the end of the first year, with 10% more using less (LANDAU ET AL (2004)

Recovery Allies founder Rachel Angerman is a Certified ARISE® interventionist who has successfully helped many families understand and support their loved ones in their transition to sobriety. 

Who Should Use This Service?

  • Families with a friend or loved one who cannot control compulsive behavior such as alcohol/drug abuse, gambling, overeating.
  • Families with a friend or loved one who struggles with mental illness (i.e. exhibiting dangerous behavior).

How Does it Work?

From the ARISE® website:

  • A series of respectful, gentle family meetings provided through a concierge service, wherever you choose
  • Focused on individual and family long-term recovery
  • Specialized in adolescents, young adults, children, the elderly, all age groups and families
  • Proven in federal research to be the most successful intervention
  • Provided by a national and international network of interventionists aligned with your specific needs and budget
  • Includes:
    • Personalized case management (intensive or as needed)
    • Safe transitions; safe passage; guided, supported transportation
    • Coaching in home or out
    • Companionship
    • Monitoring
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