Our Team

Rachel Angerman, Intervention Specialist - Recovery Allies

Rachel angermaN

CAI II (Certified arise® Interventionist)|recovery specialist

Rachel is an ARISE®-certified interventionist and the founder of Recovery Allies. Since starting the company in 2011 she has successfully provided intervention, mentoring, transport and outreach services to families across the country. She has trained under a virtual "dream team" of recovery professionals and has been lauded for her ability to form a personal connection to her clients, regardless of the circumstance.

Once a homeless addict on the streets of Los Angeles, Rachel has been in recovery for more than a decade. She has dedicated her life to helping others out of the same predicament and instead lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

Ernest Hart, Mentoring Manager - Recovery Allies

ernest hart

B.A. Psychology | LS/CMI | Recovery specialist

Ernest has worked directly with those suffering from substance abuse disorder, mental health disorders, and criminal behavior for 7 years. He has specific education in co-occurring disorders and treatment modalities along with criminogenic factors that are areas of risk. Ernest has been privy to numerous trainings in Motivational Interviewing, which is a tool to help clients overcome ambivalence to change.

Ernest understands the pressure of confrontation with loved ones that have lost their way and the value of what can come out of such a courageous act. He is trained in de-escalation techniques and works well in emotionally-charged situations.

Chelsea Olsen, Mentor - Recovery Allies

chelsea olsen

Certified Chemical Dependency Professional

Chelsea Olsen has worked in the recovery and social services field since 2014. She has experience in residential treatment as a case manager specifically servicing adolescents and young adults. She has also served homeless and at-risk youth in an emergency shelter setting as a youth counselor and crisis interventionist. Chelsea has been a proud employee of the Recovery Allies team since 2014; filling roles as a mentor, transporter, sober companion, and mentor manager. Chelsea is certified as a Chemical Dependency Professional. She has been trained and certified in mental health first aid for youth, CSEC advocacy, right response, CPR/first aid, HIV BRI, case management, and trauma-informed care. 

Katrina Andersen - Recovery Allies

Katrina Andersen

Recovery Specialist

Katrina Andersen is a Recovery Specialist who works with people struggling with recovery, providing aid as they transition to a healthy, meaningful lifestyle. She understands that early sobriety can be a tumultuous time and wishes to help clients find stability and confidence within themselves. Having experienced and overcome the disease of addiction, she knows first-hand the difficulty of attaining and maintaining sobriety. She is especially passionate about working with young adult females who have been involved with sex work.